As a publishing company specializing in popular science, it is not easy to produce great books that are both readily accessible to the reader and that deliver scientific knowledge in an attractive way. This is even more difficult considering we also produce a large number of educational scientific books from a wide range of disciplines, from physics to health.

We are working hard to provide readers with up-to-date scientific information and the spirit of science by publishing higher quality books and books that have an appeal to a wider range of customers than any other publisher.

In the near future, we shall enlarge the range of titles we offer to our readers, extending our current focus on new scientific concepts and developments from the natural sciences to also include titles about life and social sciences.

We shall try our best to continue to offer titles that help the non-scientific reader learn about the world around them and the changes taking place, and that also entertain the scientific reader with a deeper understanding

If you watch the world changing day by day, you will be astounded by the impact of the development of science. Sometimes the changes and advancements in science that affect your life can leave you feeling amazed or frightened.

HanSeung Publishers wishes to be a guide to this bright new world by providing informative science books for the general reader. It is our hope that young readers of HanSeung books will dream of being a 21st century ‘Einstein’.

There have been many difficulties and obstacles in establishing and maintaining a publishing company specializing in popular science books. would therefore like to thank the many supportive readers that allow the company to continue, to grow, and to be a success.

As we promised from the very beginnings of the company, we will continue to ensure that HanSeung produces books of high quality and high interest books for you.